I recently checked my credit score online and found out I stand at 767. As the perfect score is 850, there is certainly some room for improvement. However, I am not too worried about my score, even if I could so some things to improve it and bring it closer to the perfect score. Here are some reasons why:

Creditors Use a Bracket System

Having an excellent credit score will allow you to qualify for more advantageous options from many lenders. This could include lower interest rates, a well as additional perks, such as credit cards that offer various perks to their holders. When looking at your credit score, lenders use a bracket system, as opposed to examining individual scores.

While there is no specific industry role about brackets, in general, lenders consider a score ranging from 760 to 850 to be their top bracket. Therefore, it will make little difference whether you have a perfect 850 or a score of 767 like me.

New Card Rewards are Interesting to Me

Any time you apply for credit, such as requesting a new credit card, the lender will pull your credit profile, which will result in a hard inquiry that temporarily lowers your credit score by a couple of points.

What this means to you is that if you apply for a store credit card that gives you an interesting rebate, such as 15 percent off your purchase, or you get a $100 cash back deal from a bank when you open a new checking account with a credit card, or claim any other interesting offer that is part of getting a new credit product, your score will temporarily go down slightly.

Even though having a perfect score of 850 would be nice, I think that benefiting from advantageous offers and bonuses is more beneficial to me.

As I space out my applications for new credit in a way that my score stays in the top bracket, a temporary reduction in score by a few points will not affect me much.

I Manage My Finances Well

I have been building responsible financial management habits for several years, ensuring that all of my bills are paid on time each month. As long as I continue this behavior, my credit score will stay high. And at 767, I am in the top bracket when it comes to credit scores.

I can maintain this by keeping my inquiries spaced out, using credit sparingly and paying my bills on time. With that in mind, I don't worry too much that my score isn't a perfect 850.