Why do I Need to Check my Credit Score?

Positive credit scores are your ticket to favorable interest rates for homes, vehicles, credit cards, employment offers, insurance costs and more. A good score equals cash because it prevents incurring extra costs.


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Where Does Your Credit Score Rank?



Why should I check my credit score?  


Your credit score gives a lender your financial health and how much risk you might pose. Our customers can receive their credit scores online instantly.  Going over your credit score is most certainly a good way to be aware of your credit worth. Despite you thinking your credit score is above average, your overall credit picture may be more involved than you might think, and there can be additional things influencing your credit that you might not be aware of.


Credit Score Introduction


The credit score is a number that sums up a person's credit risk that is summarized by the data contained in their credit file. It shows how likely that they might be able to repay their debt.  A credit score will certainly have an influence on one's financial present and future. Lenders look to credit scores to help them consider a couple of things, including whether to approve a loan and determine interest rates they will extend to the consumer. They might use credit scores to determine whether to manipulate interest rates on someone's current credit card account.


There are several credit score firms, and several different formulas for coming up with credit scores. Lenders cannot use the same score for deciding ones credit risk. We deliver members access to all their credit scores. Your credit scores are calculated by information inside each one of a person's credit reports, so they can provide an instant and accurate signal of the power one's credit files.


Why Credit Scores Are Important


Credit scores will show overall what potential credit risks you might be to a lender. It is imperative you relalize what a credit score really means. Your credit score is a score card of your overall credit worthiness. Companies get your scores primarily on the info contained in credit reports at the 3 credit agencies TransUnion , Experian and Equifax. Reviewing the info regularly from each of the 3 scores is always a good idea because they may possibly not be the same, and it is impossible to ascertain which score a lender will be utilizing to measure credit worth.


Who Might Use My Credit Scores?


Those who might be thinking about giving you a line of credit may be inclined to look at one or more of your scores. This could include credit card businesses, credit unions, banks, cellular providers, mortgage and insurance companies.  Your credit score in any of these situations may be significant. However, there many other reasons to know what your credit looks like.


Why Know My Credit Score?


One reason, all the data in your credit reports might not be 100% right. A lender might inadvertently submit the wrong information, or the correct info might be lost in transit  or might not be relayed ever. A person with the same name may get added in with yours. Any of these can impact your score. Monitoring credit report & credit score regularly is essential to maintaining sound financial health. If you happen to find any incorrect entries contained within your credit report, you will need to reach out to the respective credit bureau to resolve the situation.


Another essential reason to keep up with your credit would be to warn you of possibility identity theft issues. Theft of our identities can happen to any of us, and it will take a long time to straighten things out. That being said, regularly watching your report and scores will keep keep you ahead of the game and right any wrongs before they get out of hand.


How We Can Help Protect Your Credit Score


Our service helps you in lots of ways to guard your credit score. Constant credit monitoring keeps you aware of changes that might affect your credit score, like searches into your credit data and about new account creation. . We also provide a credit info phone number and financial tools to let you see how your positive efforts are positively affecting your score. You will receive your three credit score to find out things that could be changing your credit score.




Check Your Credit Report


A credit report takes a look at your credit history, from loans and credit cards to collections and past dealings you've had with debtors. Using information from the 3 credit reporting agencies, is one of the best ways to manage your credit and protect your identity.


Misinformation on a credit report can happen, so it's imperative to find out these issues and take care of them as soon as you can.


Your Credit Report Explained


For those of you who have never looked at a credit report before, this is what you need to know. Your credit report is a file containing information about your financial dealings and your credit. It might include information about your income, your history of addresses and your credit history itself. Contained in your credit report, you will see every credit card you own and the amount of available credit on them, mortgages and car loans, open lines of credit, and your history on how often you paid them back on time. It will show positive items on your credit report, such as on time payments, and it will show negative factors, such as defaulted loans, large debt amounts, a history of late payments or bankruptcies. If you apply for credit, or even homeowners insurance, your credit report might be queried to determine their risk for extending credit to you. Maintaining favorable credit can make your interest rates on loans lower with lower payments.


The Three Credit Reporting Agencies


Credit information is not compiled by a single entity. There are 3 credit reporting agencies that collect credit Data(Equifax, Experian and Transunion). When you put in for a loan or credit card, the debtor may report the information to one or more of them.. All 3 of the agencies are autonomous of each other and their information does not always have to match. Getting credit information from all 3 is essential to get a clearer picture of how potential debtors assess their risk and what interest rates are most relevant for the debtee. Get credit score from all three credit bureaus here.


Monitoring Your Credit Report


We will monitor your triple credit report for you and provide you alerts for particular changes throughout the year so you don't have to constantly monitor it yourself. So if an action is made on your credit you will be alerted and if requested, receive the assistance to investigate the activity.