It is well known that finances or money problems is one of the top reasons why a couple divorces. When a couple is dating, how many times is the thought of a credit score mentioned? Quite a bit more than one would think. has done a survey of 1,000 adults; presumably these adults were single at the time. The results are somewhat shocking; 30% of women and 20% of men would not marry someone with a bad credit report. 

There is speculation on why this may be. A delinquent report may be a sign of financial irresponsibility. This is not always the case as there are other things, such as medical emergencies or unemployment, which can certainly cause financial hardship. Others worry about a spouse’s poor credit will dampen future credit opportunities, such as a mortgage. 

People are much more likely to be both open about themselves as well as requesting more personal information such as a credit report on a second marriage. This is especially true for individuals who have had trouble with money on their first marriage. The old saying “learn from others mistakes” often does not happen. Most individuals think it will be different, and as a result end up making the same mistakes for themselves. It is always a good idea to ask for both a credit report and a background check on any potential serious partner. Unfortunately, love tends to make people not quite think straight; therefore, the vast majority of people do not require this information. 
One of the biggest reasons cited for not requiring a credit score of a suitor is the individual is not even aware of their own score much less someone else’s. This becomes obvious during a divorce when the judge asks for a written budget to decide a reasonable amount of alimony. The vast majority of individuals have never been on a budget. This is results in them not really knowing what the household spending is. A poor credit report is the result of overspending in most cases. 

Ask for financial information very early in a relationship. If there is a problem that is concerning, it is much easier to get out of the relationship sooner rather than later. For those who are timid about asking, find a more sly way to observe how they treat their finances.