Despite the shaky ground our country has been in the past few years, many proud and honorable men and women continue to enlist in the military. Through their time there, they obtain training, lifelong skills and military pay. What many don’t consider is that these very things can lead to something that’s very valuable in all areas of our lives: a good credit rating. Learn more about how being in the military can positively affect credit scores. 

Main Benefits of Joining the Military

We always hear about the negative parts of joining the military, such as the challenging and sometimes exhausting conditions, dangerous environments and the high risk. What we don’t always remember, however, are the many benefits that one can reap from being in the military, benefits beyond the sense of pride knowing you’re serving your country in the most honorable and courageous way. Here are just a few on the many benefits you obtain when you’re part of that elite group known as the military, as well as how some of these benefits can help your credit worthiness. 


When you’re in the military, you get paid a regular wage and have the opportunity for promotions and higher wages. You don’t have the worry of being laid off as so many other non-military employees seem to have. Job stability is something that is looked at favorably by credit rating agencies. To a lender, a military person is the ideal borrower. Having a steady job with a steady income makes it more likely that you’d pay your bills on time. 

Training and Work Experience

Regardless of what you choose as your career choice, you’re going to get lots of training while in the military. You can choose to earn a degree while you’re serving for your country. The training, skills and work experience you obtain during your stint will go with you once you’re discharged and can help you find a lucrative job. Good wages are another thing that credit rating agencies like to see. 

Honor, Integrity and Professionalism

As part of the military, you will be in good physical condition and will generally be appealing in your uniform or work attire. The spent in the military will also help you gain self-confidence and poise – qualities that will earn your respect when you’re out of the military as well. Lenders are typically willing to take a risk on someone affiliated with the military because they know they’re used to following rules and living by a strict code of ethics, which is similar to what’s required to maintain a good credit rating. 

Veteran or Military Status - A Place of Honor

Whether you’re in the military or have been discharged and are living off base, the words “military” and “veteran” have always held a place of high honor. The maturity and sense of responsibility that was instilled in you while you were in the military will stay with you for many years to come. Lenders, creditors and businesses alike are generally willing to help military persons and veterans in any way they can. In order to have good credit, an individual is required to have some sort of credit and, as a military person, you’ll have chances to prove your creditworthiness. These chances can result in good credit scores.